The JLS reviews articles on literature and science, or relevant articles in cognate fields such as the history of science, cultural studies or sociology, published in academic journals within the last twelve to eighteen months. Reviews are generally commissioned by the Reviews Editor, but potential contributors are encouraged to contact the Reviews Editor to suggest articles for review.

The JLS does not, at any time, review books or collections of essays. The editors take the view that books within the field are already well covered by reviewing journals while journal articles, often the publication type that offers the most recent scholarship, are never considered in review processes. By doing so, the JLS hopes to offer its readers access to academic dialogue on the most recent advances in literature and science.

Reviews should be approximately 750 words in length, should follow MLA Style (notes generally not allowed), and should aim to describe the content of the article under review as well as offer an analysis of its strengths and weaknesses and conclude by assessing its significance for literature and science scholarship.

Proposals for review and completed reviews should be sent to the Reviews Editor, Dr Michelle Geric by email only: