Volume 7, Issue 2 (2014)

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JLS 7.2 (2014)
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Gregory Lynall
‘Scriblerian Projections of Longitude: Arbuthnot, Swift, and the Agency of Satire in a Culture of Invention’ 
JLS 7.2 (2014): 1-18 DOI: 10.12929/jls.07.2.01
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Bernard Lightman
‘Contextualising Conan Doyle’s Ideal Reasoner: The Case of the Reluctant Scientific Naturalist’
JLS 7.2 (2014): 19-36 DOI: 10.12929/jls.07.2.02
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Steven McLean 
‘Revolution as an Angel from the Sky: George Griffith’s Aeronautical Speculation’
JLS 7.2 (2014): 37-61 DOI: 10.12929/jls.07.2.03
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Emilie Taylor-Brown
‘(Re)constructing the Knights of Science: Parasitologists and their Literary Imaginations’
Winner of the Journal of Literature and Science and British Society for Literature and Science Essay Prize 2014
JLS 7.2 (2014): 62-79 DOI: 10.12929/jls.07.2.04
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Article Reviews

Emily Bowles, Review of Cheryl Blake Price’s “Vegetable Monsters: Man-Eating Trees in Fin-de-Siècle Fiction”
JLS 7.2 (2014): 80-81 DOI: 10.12929/jls.07.2.05
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Greg Garrard, Review of Emily Horton’s “Reassessing the Two-Culture Debate: Popular Science in Ian McEwan’s The Child in Time and Enduring Love
JLS 7.2 (2014): 82-83 DOI: 10.12929/jls.07.2.06
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Peter Johnston, Review of Robert Nathan’s “Why It Matters: The Value of Literature as Object of Inquiry in Qualitative Research”
JLS 7.2 (2014): 84-85 DOI: 10.12929/jls.07.2.07
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Anne M. Thell, Review of Mary Fairclough’s “The Telegraph: Radical Transmission in the 1790s”
JLS 7.2 (2014): 86-87 DOI: 10.12929/jls.07.2.08
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K. S. Whetter, Review of Janine Rogers’s “A Compaignye of Sondry Folk: Mereology, Medieval Poetics and Contemporary Evolutionary Narrative in Richard Dawkins’ The Ancestor’s Tale
JLS 7.2 (2014): 88-89 DOI: 10.12929/jls.07.2.09
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Carmel Raz, Review of John Savarese’s “Ossian’s Folk Psychology”
JLS 7.2 (2014): 90-91 DOI: 10.12929/jls.07.2.10
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