Volume 16, Issue 1 (2023)

Front Matter  JLS 15.2 (2023)

Louise Benson James, “’What an autopsy I’ll make, with everything all which ways in my bowels!’: the intracorporeal landcapes of Djuna Barnes” JLS 16.1 (2023): 1-17 DOI: 10.12929/jls16.02.01 Video Abstract Download PDF

David A. Kirby, “Beautifully Disturbing: Microcinematography and Title Design in Contemporary Film” JLS 16.1 (2023): 18-37  DOI: 10.12929/jls16.01.02  Video Abstract  Download PDF

Thomas Lessl, “Thomas Huxley’s Positivist Romance” JLS 16.1 (2023): 38-52  DOI: 10.12929/jls16.01.03  Video Abstract  Download PDF

Article Reviews

Sophia C. Jochem, Review of Melissa Purdue’s “‘Embowered in a mass of vegetation’: Confinement and Predatory Plants in Fin-de-Siècle Fiction.” JLS 16.1 (2023): 53-54  DOI: 10.12929/jls16.01.04 Download PDF

Mo O’Neill, Review of Natasha Rebry Coulthard’s “Becoming What You Eat: Anna Kingsford’s Vegetarian Posthuman.” JLS 16.1 (2023): 55-56  DOI: 10.12929/jls16.01.05 Download PDF