Abstracts and articles for submission should be sent to the Editor, Professor Martin Willis by email only:

The JLS recommends that an initial email inquiry, including an abstract of the proposed article, should be sent in advance of completed articles in order to ensure that the subject matter is suitable for publication under the JLS’s remit.

All articles should be from 6,000-10,000 words in length, interdisciplinary in focus, and offering an original view of both the literary or artistic subject matter and the science or sciences under consideration. While articles on individual examples of literary and artistic production are welcomed, these should also seek to show the wider significance of their analyses and interpretations. The journal does not publish essays focused exclusively on literature or art, or exclusively on the history and philosophy of science.

All submitted articles should be presented in MLA Style, with notes kept to a minimum. ‘I’ may be used as a personal pronoun to refer to the self as author (‘we’ should only be used when there are multiple authors). All spellings should follow British English. All submitted articles should include a short abstract (150 words maximum) below the title and author’s name and ahead of the opening sentence. This should be titled Abstract.

The JLS aims to complete the first stage of peer review (consideration of articles by the editor and advisory board) within 4 weeks of submission and the second stage of peer review (external, blind, double peer-review) within 8 weeks of the completion of the first stage. All authors whose articles reach the second stage of peer review should expect to have a decision on publication within approximately 12 weeks of the date of their original submission of an article.

Further Information

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