Volume 5, Issue 1 (2012)

Special Issue: The Nineteenth Century Archaeological Imagination

Complete Issue
JLS 5.1 (2012)
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Alexandra Warwick and Martin Willis
‘Introduction: The Archaeological Imagination’
JLS 5.1 (2012): 1-5 DOI: 10.12929/jls.05.1.01
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Sophie Thomas
‘Displaying Egypt: Archaeology, Spectacle, and the Museum in the Early Nineteenth Century’
JLS 5.1 (2012): 6-22 DOI: 10.12929/jls.05.1.02
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Shawn Malley
‘Nineveh 1851: An Archaeography’
JLS 5.1 (2012): 23-37 DOI: 10.12929/jls.05.1.03
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Mirjam Brusius
‘Misfit Objects: Layard’s Excavations in Ancient Mesopotamia and the Biblical Imagination in mid-nineteenth Century Britain’
JLS 5.1 (2012): 38-52 DOI: 10.12929/jls.05.1.04
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Debbie Challis
‘Fashioning Archaeology into Art: Greek Sculpture, Dress Reform and Health in the 1880s’
JLS 5.1 (2012): 53-69 DOI: 10.12929/jls.05.1.05
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Virginia Zimmerman
‘“Time Seemed Fiction”: Archaeological Encounters in Victorian Poetry’
JLS 5.1 (2012): 70-82 DOI: 10.12929/jls.05.1.06
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Alexandra Warwick
‘The Dreams of Archaeology’
JLS 5.1 (2012): 83-97 DOI: 10.12929/jls.05.1.07
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Thijs van den Berg
‘Nineteen Eighty-Four and “1984”: Apple’s Use of Dystopian Poetics in iCommodification’
JLS 5.1 (2012): 98-124 DOI: 10.12929/jls.05.1.08
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Article Reviews

Wahida Amin, Review of Jan Golinski’s “Humphry Davy and the Experimental Self”
JLS 5.1 (2012): 125-126 DOI: 10.12929/jls.05.1.09
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Rob Boddice, Review of Bruno Strasser’s “The Experimenter’s Museum: GenBank, Natural History, and the Moral Economies of Biomedicine”
JLS 5.1 (2012): 127-128 DOI: 10.12929/jls.05.1.10
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Peter Eakin, Review of Caroline Sumpter’s “On Suffering and Sympathy: Jude the Obscure, Evolution, and Ethics”
JLS 5.1 (2012): 129-130 DOI: 10.12929/jls.05.1.11
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Jessica Evans, Review of Peter Kitson’s “The Strange Case of Dr White and Mr De Quincey: Manchester, Medicine, and Romantic Theories of Biological Racism”
JLS 5.1 (2012): 131-132 DOI: 10.12929/jls.05.1.12
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Richard Greydanus, Review of Richard Bellon’s “Inspiration in the Harness of Daily Labor: Darwin, Botany, and the Triumph of Evolution”
JLS 5.1 (2012): 133-134 DOI: 10.12929/jls.05.1.13
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Isabelle Travis, Review of Caitjan Gainty’s “’Going After the High-Brows’: Frank Gilbreth and The Surgical Subject, 1912-1917″
JLS 5.1 (2012): 135-136 DOI: 10.12929/jls.05.1.14
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