Volume 6, Issue 1 (2013)

Special Issue: Rethinking Approaches to Illness Narratives

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JLS 6.1 (2013)
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Alysa Levene and Kevin Siena
‘Reporting Dirt and Disease: Child Ill-health in Eighteenth-Century England’
JLS 6.1 (2013): 1-17 DOI: 10.12929/jls.06.1.01
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Hazel Morrison
‘Conversing with the Psychiatrist: Patient Narratives within Glasgow’s Royal Asylum, 1921-1929’
JLS 6.1 (2013): 18-37 DOI: 10.12929/jls.06.1.02
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Angela Woods
‘Rethinking “Patient Testimony” in the Medical Humanities: The Case of Schizophrenia Bulletin‘s First Person Accounts’
JLS 6.1 (2013): 38-54 DOI: 10.12929/jls.06.1.03
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Martin Willis, Keir Waddington and Richard Marsden
‘Imaginary Investments: Illness Narratives Beyond the Gaze’
JLS 6.1 (2013): 55-73 DOI: 10.12929/jls.06.1.04
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Article Reviews

Christopher Daley, Review of Daniel Cordle’s “Protect/Protest: British Nuclear Fiction of the 1980s”
JLS 6.1 (2013): 74-75 DOI: 10.12929/jls.06.1.05
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Christopher Daley, Review of Jonathan Hogg’s “’The Family that Feared Tomorrow’: British Nuclear Culture and Individual Experience in the late 1950s”
JLS 6.1 (2013): 76-77 DOI: 10.12929/jls.06.1.06
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Michelle Geric, Review of Gowan Dawson’s “Literary Megatheriums and Loose Baggy Monsters: Paleontology and the Victorian Novel”
JLS 6.1 (2013): 78-79 DOI: 10.12929/jls.06.1.07
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Maeve O’Brien, Review of Janine Rogers’s and Charlotte Sleigh’s “’Here is my Honey Machine’: Sylvia Plath and the Mereology of the Beehive”
JLS 6.1 (2013): 80-81 DOI: 10.12929/jls.06.1.08
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Anne Schwan, Review of Cristina Hanganu-Bresch’s and Carol Berkenkotter’s “Narrative Survival: Personal and Institutional Accounts of Asylum Confinement”
JLS 6.1 (2013): 82-83 DOI: 10.12929/jls.06.1.09
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Ben Winyard, Review of Kay Young’s “’Wounded by Mystery’: Dickens and Attachment Theory”
JLS 6.1 (2013): 84-85 DOI: 10.12929/jls.06.1.10
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