Volume 16, Issue 2 (2023)

Special Issue: Modernism and the Sciences


Anke Gilleir, “Birds and Bees: On Science, Politics, and Literature in Rosa Luxemburg’s Thinking.” JLS 16.2 (2023) DOI:10.12929/jls.16.2.01 Download PDF

Benedikt Hjartarson, “Tracing the Paradigm Shift: Five Observations on Natural Science, Esotericism and the Belatedness of the Avant-Garde.” JLS 16.2 (2023) DOI:10.12929/jls.16.2.02 Download PDF

Coming soon in the full issue:

Sascha Bru, “Introduction: Seismic: Surveying the Modernist Period.”

Bart Van Den Bossche, “‘A true, real and sincere documentation’. Concocting the Colonial Novel in Fascist Italy.”

Ken Hirschkop, “From physics to carnival:  the Repurposing of Cassirer’s Substance and Function in Bakhtin’s Theory of the Novel.”

Thomas Klinkert, “The Novel as Instrument of Observation and Investigation: Nathalie Sarraute.” 

Hugues Marchal, “Breaking from a broken tradition? Guéguen’s Jeux cosmiques (1929) and the ambiguities of French avant-gardes towards the poetry of science.”

Michael Whitworth, “Quantum Theories and Modernism: Virginia Woolf, William James, Henri Bergson, Niels Bohr and Others.”

Stefan Willer, “On Wishing: Nietzsche, Freud, Kafka.”