Most Downloaded

May – June 2013

Most Downloaded Articles (all issues):
1. John Holmes, ‘Literature and Science vs History of Science’ (Vol 5, No. 2)
2. Peter Middleton, ‘Dark Matters: Historicizing Science and Poetry Since 1950’ (Vol 5, No 2)
3. Matthew Chiasson & Janine Rogers, ‘Beauty Bare: The Sonnet Form, Geometry and Aesthetics’ (Vol 2, No 1)
= Keir Waddington, ‘More Like Cooking Than Science: Narrating the Inside of the British Medical Laboratory, 1880-1914’ (Vol 3, No. 1)

Most Downloaded Reviews (all issues):
1. Martin Willis, Review of Catherine Belling’s ‘A Happy Doctor’s Escape from Narrative: Reflection in Saturday‘ (Vol 5, No. 2)
2. Gavin Budge, Review of Andrea Henderson’s “Magic Mirrors: Formalist Realism in Victorian Physics and Photography” (Vol 5, No 2)
3. Courtney Salvey, Review of Diarmid A. Finnegan’s “Exeter-Hall Science and Evangelical Rhetoric in Mid-Victorian Britain” (Vol 5, No 2)