Most Downloaded

July – August 2013

Most Downloaded Articles (all issues):
1. John Holmes, ‘Literature and Science vs History of Science’ (Vol 5, No. 2)
2. Justin Sausman, ‘Science, Drugs, and Occultism: Aleister Crowley, Henry Maudsley, and Late Nineteenth-Century Degeneration Theories’ (Vol 1, No. 1)
3. Thijs van den Berg, ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four and “1984”: Apple’s Use of Dystopian Poetics in iCommodification’ (Vol 5, No. 1)

Most Downloaded Reviews (all issues):
1. Gavin Budge, Review of Andrea Henderson’s “Magic Mirrors: Formalist Realism in Victorian Physics and Photography” (Vol 5, No 2)
2. Courtney Salvey, Review of Diarmid A. Finnegan’s “Exeter-Hall Science and Evangelical Rhetoric in Mid-Victorian Britain” (Vol 5, No 2)
3. Rob Boddice, Review of Bruno Strasser’s “The Experimenter’s Museum: GenBank, Natural History, and the Moral Economies of Biomedicine” (Vol 5, No. 1)