Most Downloaded

September – October 2014

Most Downloaded Articles (all issues):
1. Erika Behrisch Elce, ‘”One Remarkable Evening”: Redemptive Science in Wilkie Collins’s Heart and Science‘ (Vol 7, No. 1)
2. Ruth Murphy, ‘Darwin and 1860s Children’s Literature: Belief, Myth or Detritus’ (Vol 5, No. 2)
3. Rachel Crossland, ‘”Multitudinous and Minute”: Early Twentieth-Century Scientific, Literary and Psychological Representations of the Mass’ (Vol 6, No. 2)

Most Downloaded Reviews (all issues):
1. Hannah Brunning, Review of Michael Davis’s “Mind and Matter in The Picture of Dorian Gray” (Vol 7, No. 1)
2. Martin Willis, Review of Ellen Burton Harrington’s ‘Nation, identity and the fascination with forensic science in Sherlock Holmes and CSI’ (Vol 1, No. 1)
3. Ben De Bruyn, Review of Jay Clayton’s “The Ridicule of Time: Science Fiction, Bioethics and the Posthuman” (Vol 6, No. 2)